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A Landlord’s Guide To Louisiana Tenant Screening [2023]

The median rental value for properties in Louisiana is $1,500 a month. The same data shows there are over 6,700 available rentals in the state. To make the most of your property investment, you need to find the right tenants.

Louisiana tenant screening can help you with this stressful process. You can filter out unsuitable tenants. You can optimize your rental business.

You might wonder how screening works. What steps do you need to take? Is it worth it?

Today, we’ll take a look at tenant screening services in Louisiana. Read on!

Benefits of Louisiana Tenant Screening

You will find better-qualified tenants with screening services in Louisiana. The screening process checks their ability to pay your rent on time, so you can relax and watch your revenue grow.

You can reduce your liability risk with a tenant background check in Louisiana. Your tenant screening service looks for past unlawful behavior that may affect tenant suitability.

Crimes committed on your property could drag you into a legal case. Screen for past criminality to protect yourself and your business from this stress. Be sure to comply with tenant rights if you encounter issues later.

Rental history checks help keep your neighbors happy and safe. If your potential tenant was evicted for noise complaints or damage, you can find a more responsible tenant.

Previous properties rented by the tenant will be taken into account. You will be able to trust them to keep your property in good condition.

Step-by-Step Screening Process

Once a potential tenant shows interest in your property, they will need to submit an application. Your screening service will review this before advising you on the next steps. The application form should include the following:

  • Contact details
  • Past and present work details
  • Income
  • Pets
  • Landlord and employer references

This is the basic information needed to screen applicants. More advanced tests may need more details, but tenant screening services will take care of this for you.

Background Check

Screening services in Louisiana will start with a tenant background check. This will highlight any reason why the applicant is unsuitable for your property.

Criminal checks will pick up spent and unspent convictions. It’s at your discretion whether the tenant is still suitable. You may decide to overlook misdemeanors dating back a long time.

Some landlords prefer tenants to have a clean criminal history. You retain the right to refuse rental either way. Your screening service will evaluate further if you are uncertain.

Rental History

You want to ensure your tenant pays rent and cares for your property. This is where their rental history is vital. You can review any accusations of damage, late rent, or complaints.

Prior evictions are huge red flags. The details are important, but the fact they were evicted tells you they may be unsuitable. The choice to overlook or further evaluate issues is yours alone.

Proof of Income

The rule of thumb is that tenants should earn three times more than their rent. Their employment contract and bank statements prove this. Your screening service will review records over six months to one year to determine the reliability of the tenant’s income.

You may wish to evaluate their employment background. This shows whether or not they have been a working professional for a long period.

Credit Check

Credit checks usually cover a 10-year period. Your screening service will look for missed credit payments on loans or credit cards. They will also scan for large unpaid debts that may affect the tenant’s ability to pay rent.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) states strict rules on consumer credit checks. Enlisting the help of a tenant screening service in Louisiana ensures you stay compliant.

Louisiana Tenant Screening Laws

The state of Louisiana has no limit on application fee amounts for landlord-tenant agreements. Your screening service can advise you on the optimal amount to suit both parties. Screening fees must be paid at the time of application and are non-refundable.

Landlords or screening services must get signed consent forms from any potential tenants. This proves they gave their permission for you to run background, criminal, and credit checks.

The Fair Housing Act of 1968 (FHA) excludes certain criteria from tenant screening. These laws fight discrimination and ensure each tenant has a fair chance at rental. Landlords must never reject tenants due to the following:

  • Race or color
  • Religion
  • Nationality or ethnic group
  • Gender
  • Familial status
  • Mental or physical disability

Louisiana tenant screening services know landlord-tenant law in detail. You will be in safe hands during the screening process. You will have peace of mind knowing each applicant has a fair chance at renting your property.

How to Pick Tenant Screening Services in Louisiana

You should check if Lousiana screening services offer more than basic reporting. The best services are skilled in various types of screening, from tenant to credit to employment.

Screening fees can add up when you have multiple applicants. You should aim to use the highest quality screening service you can afford. Over time, a qualified tenant paying on time will cover costs and boost your real estate revenue.

How long does screening take? If the applicant gives all their information on time, your screening service should complete their report as fast as possible. This ensures the information is still relevant and up to date.

You can look at online reviews to see how other landlords rated their service. Your service must comply with Louisiana tenant screening laws.

Find Qualified Tenants Fast

Louisiana tenant screening can save you time, money, and hassle. With this extra time, you can focus on other areas of your life or business. You will know your property is safe and in good condition.

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