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Build a safe and motivating work environment with detailed
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Building Trust Right From The Gate

Uniting a team of motivated, responsible staff members is the driving force of any successful business. MacData delivers fast and secure background screening services that focus on applicant experience, while providing you with the information needed to keep your company safe.


Full-Service Background Screening Specialists

For over a decade, our advanced technology and data collection services have helped thousands of businesses around the country make important decisions to transform their work environments.
MacData prioritizes customer experiences in and out of our office. Whether you are interested in booking an in-person appointment or need 24/7 access to online screening services, we got you covered.

Easy To Access

We make your booking process stress-free with straightforward steps and convenient support.

Fast And Reliable

From fingerprinting to pre-employment and tenant background checks, you get access to immediate services with rapid turnaround time.

Cost Efficient

Use applicant insights to make informed decisions when hiring or renting.

24/7 Reports

We offer 24/7 online background screening shopping to our new and exiting customers.

Background Screening Services

Capture clear fingerprint stamps and avoid potential rejections from unclear visuals or smudged ink.
Provide a comfortable testing experience for your applicant while ensuring a secure workplace.

Substance Abuse Screenings

Prevent drug use on the job, reduce accidents, and decrease employee absenteeism with drug tests. 
Keep your space and community safe by testing tenants for histories of prohibited behavior. 
Meet Florida Construction Licensing Board requirements and speed up your contracting proces.

Providing Relief To Business Owners

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