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Background Check Florida

Performing a background check florida on a potential employee is a legal requirement. These reports provide detailed information on previous addresses, employment history, and aliases. If you’re a new employer, a social security number trace is necessary. Form I-9 is used to verify an employee’s legal status. Although federal law states that employers must examine documents in person, temporary guidance from COVID-19 allows employers to review the documents virtually and save time.

The most common type of background check Florida is a county criminal records search. The FBI Fingerprint Database allows researchers to pinpoint exact locations. This type of check can reveal a person’s criminal history, including felony convictions, military service records, and federal employment records. A social security trace can also be used to discover details on an individual’s naturalization. Many industries require fingerprint-based background checks, but certain states have waived this requirement.

Some employers are allowed to conduct a pre-employment background check. This type of background check Florida will generally include a criminal record check, verification of past employment and education, and professional licenses. Some employers may also request a driving record check. If the job requires drug testing, the employer will most likely require such screening. This type of background check is common in high-risk occupations and requires consent from the applicant. Further, it is easy to obtain information on criminal records.

The background information collected from an applicant should be comprehensive. You will need the person’s first, middle, and last name, as well as their correct date of birth. You will also need to collect the applicant’s government ID, social security number, and their home addresses in the past 7 years. The information that you collect will be used to run a comprehensive criminal background search. The results of this background check will include details on the candidate’s employment history, including any arrests or traffic violations that may have occurred.

background check florida