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Background Checks in Coconut Creek, Florida

Thorough Background Checks to Protect Your Business and Ensure Trustworthy Hires.

Hire the Right Employees

When it comes to hiring new employees for your business in the Florida area, ensuring that they have a positive impact is crucial. Hiring even one wrong person can have a significant and lasting effect on your brand and business reputation.

That’s why conducting thorough background checks on prospective employees is imperative. You never know when it will pay off, and you’ll be glad you did it when it does.

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We Can Provide Level 1 and Level 2 Background Checks

There are differences between a level 1 background check and a level 2 background check in Coconut Creek, FL.

Level 1

A level 1 background check is a simpler and more basic check compared to a level 2 background check.

Although it covers important aspects, it doesn’t delve as deep. Here are some components of a level 1 background check in Coconut Creek, FL:

Level 2

While a level 1 background check may seem comprehensive, a level 2 background check goes much further. It includes all the elements of a level 1 check and adds additional components such as:

Match Your Needs to the Right Service

In the Broward County area, a level 2 background check involves a special fingerprint-based method of screening.

Typically, it is used when a job applicant will be working with vulnerable individuals, such as:

The more in-depth screening for a level 2 background check is necessary because of the increased vulnerability of the people the job applicant will be working with.

Fast and Reliable

The duration of a level 2 background check in Coconut Creek, FL from MacData Inc. is not fixed. It can vary depending on several factors, ranging from a few hours to several days.

On average, a special level 2 background check that includes fingerprinting takes approximately 3 days. This timeframe is because the FBI typically takes around 3 days to process fingerprints.

However, if there are any issues with the fingerprint scanner or difficulties in reading the fingerprint, the process may take longer.

Additionally, if the job applicant has records or a complex history, the process could extend beyond the 3-day timeframe.

How the Process Works

We’re here to see you through the process from start to finish. Your background check service will involve:

  1. Selecting a level 1 or level 2 check
  2. Processing the data (typically 3 days but can be longer)
  3. Collecting and reviewing results

There are ways to expedite a background check in the Broward County area and ensure smooth processing. Here are some tips to speed up the process:

Start the Screening Process Early

Initiating the background check process promptly can help you navigate any unexpected delays that may arise. By starting early, you give yourself more time to handle any bumps in the road. Delays could occur due to discrepancies in the candidate’s resume or issues with fingerprint readers. It’s always best to get started as soon as possible.

Collect Accurate Information

Ensure that you gather accurate information about the person applying for the job. Any errors in the provided information can lead to unnecessary delays in the background check process. Candidates providing incorrect details can cause additional delays, particularly if they take time to respond to any errors.

Reliable Background Checks in the Broward County Area

Having a trustworthy background screening provider is essential for your business. Failing to conduct background checks on potential employees could put your brand reputation and business at risk. A solid background check is like insurance, protecting you from unexpected situations. MacData Inc., a locally owned background screening company in the Broward County area, specializes in pre-employment and tenant background screening. We offer a wide range of fingerprint-based level 2 background checks. If you require background check services, we are here to assist you.

Your Premier Background Check Service Provider

With over 10 years of experience in the background screening business in Broward County, MacData Inc. has helped thousands of individuals, businesses, and companies complete background checks.

Our online platform provides one-stop background screening shopping available 24/7. This unique offering sets us apart from other background screening providers.

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