Left unchecked, drug abuse can seriously compromise the integrity and stability of your workplace. Drug screening can help to improve employee morale and productivity while decreasing absenteeism, accidents, turnover, crime and violence.

Substance abuse is a prevalent issue in society that can greatly affect your workplace if you don’t address it. A pre-employment drug screening should be a vital part of your new hire process, prior to finalizing the employment of new candidates.

We currently offer the following screening options:

  • 5 Panel Drug Screen
  • 9 Panel Drug Screen
  • 10 Panel Drug Screen
  • Alcohol Screen
  • Hepatitis B Vaccine Series
  • TB Test
  • TB Chest X-Ray

The Importance of a Drug-Free Workplace

65% of all accidents on the job are related to drug or alcohol

7% of adults employed full time

9% of those employed part time currently use illegal drugs

Substance abusers utilize

16 TIMES as many health care benefits than non-abusers

Substance abusers are

6 TIMES more likely to file workers compensation claims than non-abusers

Loss of Productivity

Time off and early dismissal were requested more than twice as often by drug-using employees. They were also 250% more likely “to have absences of eight days or more” and absent 66% more often than those who had passed pre-employment drug tests.