A credit report offers valuable insight into an applicant’s sense of responsibility and financial track record. These considerations weigh strongly when hiring for financial services organizations and retail companies or for positions of financial responsibility. A good credit check is also an important consideration for property owners performing tenant screening.

By accessing information from the major credit bureaus, MacData can help you to identify whether a job candidate and potential tenant has any accounts in collections, open loans, inquiries made by third parties, or similar warning signs. Credit history checks can be prudent supplements to a criminal records search, sex offender registry check and reference check.

Please note that a compliance inspection is required in order to access credit histories!

In order to order detailed credit reports for employment or tenant purposes, you must complete an application, supply certain documents and submit to an on-site compliance inspection. A bureau approved licensed inspector will be assigned to you and schedule an in person inspection to ensure you are a legitimate business, landlord, or real estate professional. The inspection takes less than 30 minutes to be performed. There is an additional fee of $75.00 for an industry required site inspection of your physical location. The approval process may take up to 14 days to complete with all required paperwork.

What Does an On-Site Inspection Check For?

  • That there is a physical location and that your business does not operate strictly online.
  • That your credit requests are used for permissible purposes, such as pre-employment or tenant screening.
  • That a locking filing cabinet is present on premise to stores all sensitive documents and applications with credit information.
  • That a paper shredder is located on premise for the purpose of destroying all credit information that may have been printed out.
  • That the computer used to access, view, or download credit information is password protected.
  • That the building is secure and has locking doors and is not a shared space.
  • Pictures will be taken by the inspectors of your location and any marketing material for your business in order to verify you meet bureau compliance and FCRA requirements.